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Gay News Anchors: Only 7 Are Openly Gay (List)

GMA host and cancer survivor Robin Roberts became the seventh openly gay news anchor to come out publicly in the US after she made the declaration this afternoon on Facebook. So who are the other six?


1.Anderson Cooper.
In July of 2012, before Independence Day, Cooper came out the closet in an email to writer and friend Andrew Sullivan after years of public scrutinity.


2.Don Lemon

CNN host and Twitter punching bag Lemon came out in his 2011 memoir “Transparent,”


3.Steve Kornacki

Kornacki is co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle.” He also came out in 2011.


4. Jane Velez-Mitchell
Mitchell, of HLN, came out in 2007 on the radio.


5. Rachel Maddow

Maddow, of MSNBC, came out while she was a student at Stanford. Her coming out story is something else.


6. Thomas Roberts

Roberts is also with MSNBC. He came out in 2006.

In the future, these things won’t matter. We hope