Artist M.Tony Peralta Gets ‘Reconnected’ (PHOTOS)

Reconnected is a new solo show by Washington Heights native M.Tony Peralta, founder of, mounted two years after his wildly successful Complejo.

All works in Reconnected are screenprints on wood, made from photographs the artist made while visiting the Dominican Republic, where his parents are from, in 2011; a trip the artist made after writing off his previous visits to the island as tragic.


There are quite a few good pieces in Reconnected,  particularly prints featuring older subjects and figurines photographed around the island. “This is 90,” above is one such piece.

A diptych,  “This is 90” shows an older gentleman whose image was printed on wood with visible rings indicating the fallen tree’s age. It’s a stunningly subtle image that plays with time, age and the longevity of the subject. 

Also of note is “Los Merengueros Sin Cara,” a triptych of three figurines of musicians bathed in vivid colors. Their faces are missing, so worn by time or damaged that they could be anyone.

“En Ruth A Nueva York” also stands out . A simply graphic print, this piece is the star of the show. A family of four rides a motorcycle sandwiched between a US Post Office Priority Mail envelope and layers red text. It’s funny, talks about a future and the means to get that future.

Reconnected is very different from the artist’s previous work which focused on the iconography of the island. This time, its more personal as friends and family fall under Peralta‚Äôs gaze. Experimentations in printing show up as well.

On view through February at the Renaissance Fine Art Gallery in Harlem. 2075 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

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