Review: Beats By Dre X UNDFTD Studio Headphones (PHOTOS)

A few days a go I wrote about the collabo between Beats By Dre and Undefeated for Black Friday.  A few days after that post a FedEx package arrived and inside were the Studio headphones.  Out the box, I really liked the size and color of the headphones which come in the recognizable military design familiar with Undefeated: olive drab. In some light the headphones look brown.


Right now I’m at one of my local laundromats washing clothes and testing out the headphones. They don’t sound bad at all. I like how comfortable they feel over my ears. They’re very light and fluffy, the ear cups. The sound? Beats are known for their heavy bass distortion and these Studios’ are often accused of having a continual hiss when plugged in. I’m no audiophile but the sound is rather rich. Of course I’m listening to music on a Android phone with two audio apps running: a Beats app and  Adapt Sound, an app that customizes your music/sounds according to how you actually hear. But the hiss is there, yes.

My main concern about these headphones were the size, the sound and if they were comfortable on my ears. Being that I’m in New York in the beginnings of Winter, they also serve as ear muffs so the size wasn’t an issue.
Working these headphones was challenging, however. You have to charge them via mini USB to get the noise cancelling tech to work. But: If the headphones aren’t charged, they won’t work. Who has time for that?

One a scale of 10, I’d give these an 8.

$329.00 online and at Beats and Undefeated stores.