Bertolli Goes For Barilla In New Pro-Gay Pasta Ad (PHOTOS)

The latest salvo has been launched in The Great Gay Pasta War of 2013. Rival pasta maker Bertolli Germany, after Barilla Chairman Guido Barrilla vowed his company will never run an ad with a gay couple on Italian radio last week, published an ad in support of gays on Facebook.

An international call for boycott of Barrilla products went out online almost immediately after the remarks were heard but Bertolli Germany was the first pasta manufacturer to strike back with an ad in favor of gays. Bertolli’s ad is clever and funny, and features various couplings of pasta marching hand-in-hand to their deaths on a wooden spoon over a bowl of tomato sauce. 3000 fans Liked it  an hour after it went live this weekend.

Bertolli Germany featured a gay couple in one of their ads in 2009 so this type of response isn’t new to them. Barrilla has since apologized but no one is buying it or his pasta if gay rights groups have their say.