The mother CES 2014

CES 2014 DAY 1: The Weird (PHOTOS)

Day One of CES 2014 kicked off without a hitch with journalists from all over the world de camping in Las Vegas. Yesterday was press registration so not much was seen at the Las Vegas Convention Center. There were, however, some previews of electronic devices meant to capture our imagination and wallets in fall of this year. Wired magazine should be thanked for this as we skipped the annual consumer electronics extravaganza thus year.

Below is The Mother, a device that tracks fitness via Cookies. It looks like something from A Clockwork Orange, you know the one; rhymes with rock.

The Mother acts as a kind of base for the cookies, although the cookies can communicate with one another, too. You can program the cookies to do anything like measure liquid consumption or eating habits.

Already on sale in Feance, this device will be ready for US sales in March for $222.00.