George Takei’s Not Here For Russia’s Homophobia Or Google Glass (DETAILS)

America’s gay uncle and legendary Star Trek actor George Takei has seen his share of technology on screen but he doesn’t really see it for Google Glass, at least not yet.  Speaking to ReadWrite’s Adriana Lee this week, the activist and icon, fresh with a new YouTube partnership with AARP called “Takei’s Take,”  shared his thoughts on technology, social media, homophobia in Russia and this century’s Nicolas Tesla, Elon Musk. Here’s some of what was said.

On Google Glass

“If somebody has Google Glass on, they have some face identification capabilities. The could Google you. Then you feel ugly and naked riding in the subway…They’re $1500. And there you have it on your face riding in the subway. When you come into the station, someone can just snatch it, and there you are, minus the $1500. These are kinks to be worked out.”

On Russia’s Homophobia and the International Olympic Committee:

“We need to learn from history. In 1936, the International Olympic Committee granted Germany the Summer Olympics. Three years before that, Hitler came to power. And he passed what seemed like, in the whole larger context,an innocuous law saying that Jewish professors will not be given tenure. Then he had the Olympic stage, and his power and influence grew…There’s high unemployment amongst young people in Russia and [Putin] needs to have a scapegoat. So he passed that homophobic law, which essentially gives license to the thugs and hoodlums to assault anyone they perceive to be gay or lesbian. They accost them, humiliate them, beat them, sometimes so severely, they’re killed. It would be highly irresponsible for the IOC to put the Olympics there.”

On PayPal and Space X founder Elon Musk and human technological innovation.

“Private enterprise is providing the shuttle! [Musk] used the phrase, ‘Humans are the only multiple planet species.’ What an amazing thought, and he’s thought it. And that becomes a goal. Elon Musk has talked about colonies on mars and elsewhere,  where our explorations might find that life is sustainable on these planets. So they think the impossible, and it becomes reality.”

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