K-Pop Superstar Seung Ri Is First Foreigner To Host TV Show In Japan (DETAILS)

Breaking into and thriving in the monoculture that is Japan  is daunting but somehow K-Pop superstar Seung Ri, the guy holding the plate above broke through with aplomb. After four years of hard work and more than basic Japanese language skills, yesterday it was announced that Ri will be the first foreign celebrity to host his own show on Japanese television.

According to YG Entertainment, the gatekeepers of all things K-Pop and Seung Ri’s label and agency, the Big Bang member will host “Popular Women 100”, a dating show featuring 100 women who talk about their dating lifestyles and teach unpopular men how to become popular, among other things.

Seung Ri will co-host the show with comedian Yamazaki Hironi when it launches on September 27 on Fuji TV.

We know you have no clue who Seung Ri is but his triumph is a big deal when you take into consideration the rate K-Pop has grown over the last four years, and how notoriously closed Japan is to outsiders.  Foreigners, or gaijin, (remember Wolverine?) are often discriminated against in Japan in housing, work and visas.

Baby steps.

Korean Times