Lupita Nyong'o vanity fair

Did Vanity Fair Photoshop Lupita Nyong’o To Make Her Look Lighter? (PHOTOS)

Vanity Fair got its hands on Lupita Nyong’o and ruined her for their annual Hollywood issue, out in February just before the Oscars.

The dead celebrity obsessed magazine rarely pays attention to black people, usually sending us to the confines of the gatefold if and when a group cover portrait is involved. Once in a while a black person would make their One To Watch list if we’re even considered viable and palpable in Hollywood.

Nyongo, fresh from wowing the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards last weekend, is featured and appears white-washed in their latest issue which Vanity Fair tweeted one day after the stunningly beautiful actress won the internet with her Dazed & Confused cover and spread by Sharif Hamza. Hamza photographed Nyong’o in studio under controlled lighting, lighting her skin beautifully.
Some may argue that there’s a difference between studio lighting and event lighting, that the rules are different. This is true. Why then does Lupita look like herself when photographed by other photographers in studio? Why is she suddenly white and bright for Vanity Fair? This is insulting and unacceptable and recalls what Elle did to Gabourey Sidibe be a few years back.

So if Lupita was photoshopped, why? Who is Vanity Fair making her palatable for? Their Midwest readers? Advertisers? All of the above? Whatever the answer, the final, published result looks awful. Thankfully we have this lovely .gift of Lupita to console us.

Via Vanity Fair, Gradient Lair, and Lupita Nyong’o