M.I.A. Versace Collection Due In October (DETAILS)

Paris Fashion Week 2013 is the gift that keeps on giving. It gave us bare breasted protests by FEMEN, a diverse, moving and political Rick Owens Ready To Wear Spring 2014 collection and now M.I.A. who, while responding to an asinine NFL respectability politics lawsuit against the Sri Lankan and British singer, casually revealed at the Balenciaga presentation that she will release a collection with Versace in October.

M.I.A’s revelation is really a confirmation of what most already knew. Last November, at a talk at PS1/MoMA in Queens, almost everyone in attendance spied a folder on the Matangi singer and Centrail Saint Martin’s graduate’s desktop marked “Versace Knock -Offs”, “Versace Prints”, and “Versace Outlines”. Versace, then and now, hasn’t confirmed or deny the collaboration.

Info on the price point for this collection is void will but we, like WWD, are speculating that it may be for Versace’s Versus line.