Marc Jacobs To Launch Tweet To Pay Pop Up Shop (DETAILS

Marc Jacobs is set to launch a pop up shop for his Daisy line of fragrances and accessories; but instead of paying cash from February 7-9, you will pay with a tweet or other forms of social media currency: a photo or a hashtag on Instagram for example.

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The shop is accepting social currency — a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain — in exchange for goods. So it’s unclear if we can actually call these freebies: While posting a picture to Instagram costs shoppers nothing, collectively it gives Marc Jacobs an instant burst of #marketing across social media platforms. How much any given tweet or Insta is actually worth may be the real question here.

The shop will be open Feb. 7 to 9, coordinating with the release of a new print campaign for Daisy, and it does sound like fun, however much an engineered promotional storm it may be. There’s a lounge, Daisy nail art, a Daisy photo booth, food, drinks and Wi-Fi (considerate).

Fragrances and Marc Jacobs accessories will be on hand for shoppers to nab via tweet, Instagram and Facebook. And (and!) the best Instagram photo of the day wins a Marc Jacobs handbag.

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