Murder of Rapper Sparks Protest In Greece (PHOTOS)


Far-right party Golden Dawn may be on its last legs as the organization has been labeled a terrorist group by police after one of its members murdered an anti-fascist rapper earlier this week. Yesterday, more than 2,000 mourners paid their final respects in an Athens cemetery to Pavlos Fissas, who was stabbed to death by a suspected Golden Dawn sympathizer and truck driver.

Greece, which is in its sixth year of a deep recession and high unemployment, is no stranger to violence from Golden Dawn. The organization usually targets immigrants but this time it may have numbered its days.


According to Reuters, Fissas, 34, was laid to rest Thursday in a graveyard on a hill overlooking the working-class Keratsini suburb where he was murdered.

Mourners chanted “Pigs! Fascists! Murderers!” as pallbearers carried Fissas’s white coffin into the cemetery, reported Reuters. Others took to singing his songs, while one man cried out: “Immortal!”
Fissas’ alleged killer, George Ropakias, reportedly confessed his affiliation with the far-right Golden Dawn to police. Golden Dawn has denied having any link to the 45-year-old truck driver but pictures quickly surfaced after Fyssas’ death of Ropakias participating in party functions.

The crime has electrified Greece, where the seemingly intractable economic crisis and rampant unemployment have brought social tensions to breaking point.

Thousands of people participated in a march Thursday to protest the murder of the anti-Nazi activist. While other demonstrations quickly turned violent, the march was not marred by any anarchist activity or tear gas from police.

On Wednesday violence erupted as rallies were held across the country to protest the murder.


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