Nap On The Go With The Ostrich Pillow Light (DETAILS)

The best thing about Kickstarter is that it gives opportunities to people who wouldn’t normally be on the average joe’s radar: inventors, artists, dreamers. London based designers Kawamura-Ganjavian of Studio Banana Things, creators of the Ostrich Pillow Light sleep system, designed for napping on the go, are such inventors.

The Ostrich Pillow light is a follow up to the Ostrich Pillow, a cumbersome and weird looking apparatus that allowed users to nap in public places while being laughed at. It was fully funded in 2012 but the design looked crazy. Its follow-up is more streamlined and easier on the eyes and available for pre-order. You’ll still get stares however; it doubles as a blind fold and a scarf.


Available in blue or red on Kickstarter.

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