NEW MUSIC: Ash Riser VS The World P.1 & 2 (DOWNLOAD)

Egos are still swolle’ after Kendrick Lamar dissed NY a few weeks back. But that’s OK because NY needed a swift kick in its sagging pants. While we may not all agree who the KONY is, (we’re certain it ain’t Diddy or Lamar), Lamar did do some co-signing recently, throwing his support behind fellow 23 year old LA native, producer, rapper and vocalist Ash Riser.

Riser is familiar because he’s contributed a number of Lamar songs, songs like “Overly Dedicated” and “Section 80”.

Since that first collaboration Riser’s appeared on Lamar’s “Determined”, “Barbed Wire”, “Keisha’s Song” and “Ronald Regan Era”. Now he’s working on Lamar’s second album.

But who is this guy, and why is Lamar so enthused with his sound?

Riser’s back-story is musically interesting and complicated, engendering twists in Rock as well as electronic dance music. His first music project was a Rock n Roll project called P!stol P!stol. The group had some success in the middle Aughts, releasing two albums before they broke up in 2009. A curiosity about dubstep led the Los Angeles native down some righteous musical paths which hooked him to a new sound and way of fusing bass into his Rock n Roll and Hip-Hop projects including work with Jon Brown. The two teamed up to produce an EP called “Doc Brown and the Kid” which never saw the light of day. While producing dubstep and EDM songs under the ASHROBOT moniker, a childhood friend introduced Riser to Lamar. The two connected musically and the rest can be heard in Lamar’s cosign below.

Ahead of Lamar’s second album, Riser’s released his own EP called “Ash Riser VS The World Parts 1&2”. Download it here.

Peep Kendrick’s cosign below.