No Fear: New Water Park Opens In Kabul (PHOTOS)

Afghanistan, for the last 30 years, has seen a tremendous amount of change and carnage. The Soviets wrecked it when they invaded in 1979 in support of the Saur Revolution, a pro farmer, socialist  movement supported Brezhnev, seeding the Taliban. Back then the Taliban were called the Mujahadeen, Cold War agents trained by the CIA in Pakistan and China. Things got much worse after the US, seeking revenge for 9/11, invaded in 2001 and never left.

Nowadays, Afghan citizens live in fear of acid attacks against women and girls, daily bombings and other security threats. But despite all that insanity, four local investors in Kabul pooled their funds together to build the new Kabul Water Park.

According to the, the 24,760-square-foot facility comes with all the standbad bells and whistles of your typical water park, including huge slides, a wave pool and kids area. Admission costs 500 Afghanis ($9) and comes with a full body search from armed guards before entering. Men and women are separated but girls can use the same areas as the opposite sex until the age of 10.

Reuters spoke to Mahmod Najafi, one of the water park’s managers, who said this in a statement:

People swim and play around at a public swimming pool in Kabul

“My message to the other Afghan businessmen is that if we don’t invest because of concerns about 2014, we will remain backward. Every Afghan has to work individually to promote this country.”

Afghanistan was so beautiful before the wars came.

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