PSY Is First Korean Singer To Cover L’uomo Vogue (PHOTO

K-Pop superstar PSY is making waves again! This time as the first South Korean singer to grace the cover of L’uomo Vogue. Photographed by Francesco Caronzzini, the “Gentleman” singer, 35, who is regarded as the “King Of YouTube” with over one billion+ views of his world wrecking hit “Gangnam Style”, can be seen in the October issue of the magazine in glorious black and white and eye-popping make-up.

PSY is known for his strange and funny songs as well his fashion sense, often wearing tuxedos with drop crotches in his videos and public appearances. It’s no surprise the men’s fashion magazine tapped him for their October issue.

Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozanni posted some notes online yesterday on her meeting with PSY in New York:

“It’s interesting to talk with a singer who does not lead a ‘dissolute life’ but with a innate desire to have fun remaining a real person with a real life,” wrote Sozzani. “Everything about him is natural, also his attitude and most of all his lifelstyle. He answers the phone twice and apologizes for that, but it’s his wife and he misses his five-year-old twin daughters, of whom he show me pictures.”

Sozzani and PSY were at dinner with another Korean, Eva Chow, wife of Michael Chow, owner of the Mr. Chow Chinese restaurants in London, New York and Los Angeles.

The last Korean who covered L’uomo Vogue was UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Back in 2012 the Secretary General and Psy met to discuss ways in which the singer and the UN can work together to reach and influence people around the world.