Restaurant In South Korea Has Unusual Name (PHOTOS)

In South Korea, there’s a restaurant so awesome, if you and your friend dine there, one of you may die and not even know it. The restaurant is called “Two People Eat, One Die, The Other Doesn’t Know”.

“It’s a common Korean expression with mouthwatering food,” explains PingNoiz via Reddit over the weekend after a photograph of the restuarnt was posted online on Imgur’s /r/WTF category. 2893 people “UpVoted” the photograph.

” It means when two people are eating this dish, the other wouldn’t notice if the other dropped dead because its so fucking good.”

So what’s on the menu? Looking at the photo, it’s obvious this isn’t a vegetarian paradise. Meat is the fixture.

South Koreans are known for their grilling and culinary skills. Here in NYC we can spend hours wandering Korea Town sampling the best dishes the strip off Herald Square has to offer. Nothing compares to the real, however; looks like we need to buy a ticket.


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