Science: Foot Cream Kills HIV By Tricking Virus Into Committing Suicide (DETAILS)

Can a simple anti-fungal foot cream eradicate HIV? That’s what scientists at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School are saying, according to CNET.

Scientists at the medical school concluded that Ciclopirox, a common prescription cream used by dermatologists, completely eradicate infectious HIV from cell cultures, but unlike today’s most cutting-edge anti-viral treatments, “the virus doesn’t bounce back when the drug is with held. This means it may not require a lifetime of use to keep HIV at bay.”

So how does this eradication work? The cream tricks the HIV into committing suicide.


The researchers said that one aspect of HIV that makes it particularly persistent, even in the face of strong antiviral treatments, is its ability to disable a cell’s altruistic suicide pathway — which is typically activated when a cell is damaged or infected. In other words, infected cells that would normally commit suicide to spare healthy cells no longer pull any altruistic kamikaze missions. Ciclopirox tricks these cells back into their old ways with a double negative, disabling the disabling of the suicide pathway.

Since Ciclopirox has been approved and used by humans for one illness it is likely that it will be approved by the FDA as a topical treatment for HIV, bypassing years of needed human study or testing.

Could this be the end of HIV? Only time and testing will tell.