Talib Kweli & Dozens Of Rappers Shine Light On Congo Mineral War (VIDEO)

Africa is in the spotlight again this week, this time its the Congo where there’s a crisis over that nation’s vast mineral wealth.

Most of us are unaware  that the minerals used to make some of our favorite gadgets, including cellphones, tablets, and iPods, come from the Congo; and were not magically produced in Apple factories in China. Hoping to change this perception is a new PSA recorded by Talib Kweli, Jean Grey, Homeboy Sandman, Lord Jamar and a host of rappers vying for mainstream US media attention.

The crisis in the Central African nation is so dire that a war to control its mineral wealth has been raging since the mid-1990s. Six million, men, women and children have lost their lives in an illegal and exploitative war while we hit the shuffle button on our iPhones. It doesn’t have to continue, says the PSA.  Watch, learn and donate to the Friends Of The Congo, the producers of the campaign.