Topless Protesters Crash Nina Ricci Show In Paris (PHOTOS)

The Nina Ricci presentation at Paris Fashion Week was the site of a protest staged by FEMEN, the all women, European based organization protesting patriarchy world wide.

FEMEN members stormed a busy runway dressed in black tights and the words “FASHION FASCISM and MODEL DON’T GO TO BROTHEL” written across their breasts in an attempt to call attention to Ukranian women being used as sex slaves or prostitutes. Stunned onlookers watched as security guards dragged the women off the runway and the show continued without further incident.

Last we saw FEMEN, who call themselves modern day Amazons, they were in Tunisia disrobing in front of a mosque and in Germany on the live finale of Germany’s Next Top Model where they disrobed in front of host Heidi Klum.

“I’ve have just been seeing boobies in front of me,” Klum blurted out at the time. “Too bad it happened at this special moment!”

FEMEN also crashed the Versace show back in 2012, carrying signs that read “FASHION=FASCISM”.




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