PREVIEW: Adriana Lima Fitted For Victoria’s Secret Show (PHOTOS)

Brazilian hottie and mom Adriana Lima was recently fitted for the Annual Victoria’s Secret Show and CR Fashion Book was on hand to capture all the backstage glamour and frenzy.

Seems like it was only last week when we last saw the Angels jiggle and bounce on our TV screens. Time flies especially if you have wings. Below, Lima describes some of her looks for the show.

“This look is from the ‘British Invasion’ section—it’s the Queen,” says Lima who is, of course, wearing lingerie, but also a Vivienne Westwood-esque jacket covered entirely in pearly buttons. “It’s inspired by a London tradition where everyone in the neighborhood helps to make an outfit out of pearls or buttons for the king and the queen. My second look is from the ‘Paris Nights’ section that was inspired by a commercial we did in Paris. It’s very strong and romantic. My third outfit is a Snow Angel, which really brings you back to Christmas.”

The Victoria’s Secret show will air on CBS on December 10.

Photos: Ethan James Green.