New Pharrell & Moncler Ad Inspired By The Jacksons, Pink Floyd (VIDEO)

The first series of print and online ads featuring  Pharrell’s eye-wear collection for Moncler’ were teased a few weeks ago. Now heads can see the entire collection and grab a flawless pair of Lunettes at Moncler’s new flagship store in Paris.

Pharrell’s Lunette’s collection for Moncler was designed for men and women, and was inspired by the 1950’s Space Age, just like Prada’s Spring 2012 campaign of car themed shoes from two seasons ago. Construction and material for the collection was simple: a single piece of titanium holds square, round and black, green, blue, red and gold lenses together. The whole collection may be seen here

“This is a collaboration and if anything, I feel like Moncler is endorsing me,” P says of his collection at the launch of the flagship store two days ago in Paris. “The world is about to see itself through the lenses of Moncler and Pharrell Williams.”

Pharrell also designed an outerwear line of puffy coats and vests for Moncler for winter so you may want to pair up.

For the video component of the campaign, Skateboard P and Co. turned to The Jacksons and Pink Floyd for inspiration. Study the video above and you’ll see elements from The Jacksons “Can You Feel It” video and Pink Floyd’s Hammer March from the film classic The Wall.

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