Women In Colombia Go On Sex Strike (DETAILS)

Women in the small southwestern Colombian town of Barabacaos are witholding sex from their significant others after a two year old complaint about a broken road went unresolved.

Dubbed the “crossed legs movement”, the protest is their second attempt at getting the road fixed in two years.

John Otis, a reporter based in Colombia, says, “Colombians like to say you go to the end of the Earth and take a left-that’s where this place is located.”

The women said that conditions on the road in their town is so bad that it takes them 12 to 14 hours to get to the nearest hospital. According to Otis, women have died in the back of ambulances, trying to get to a hospital to give birth.

Only promises were made after the first sex strike. This time, however, women are seeing results: bulldozers have been spotted in the town.


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